Thursday, August 05, 2010

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Monday, January 05, 2009

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Ok, now I've got my own website at I've also dabbled with the setup of Wordpress, Joomla, PHPwiki & Forums. I think I'll stick with Wordpress for the moment. My Wordpress blog is ready at check it out and leave me a word on what you think of it.

On the flip side; the Singapore Mediacorp production at the Marina Bay was are letdown. I paid $18 + $1 SISTIC fee for 8 people to have a good time there and what did I get? I got 5 top class emcees (I know some of you would disagree, but I'll be gracious about it) who was addressing the TV crowd, who ONE was not there in body and soul TWO didn't have to pay $19 THREE could NEVER provide the event with the required ENERGY.

There was one emcee that took care of us, the live paying audience. He is not top notch, but I give him top marks for trying. Oh, he tried very hard, but he is not quite there yet. You can feel the lack of energy levels from the audience. We are a mirror of each other, Mediacorp didn't show us the energy, the audience reflect back the same to them. The lack of enthusaism from the audience was so very obvious that at one point, Gurmit voluntarily step in to help rally the audience energies a little. As for the other 4 emcees, well they were professionals, they play up to the TV cameras and cameras ONLY. We the 7,000 strong live audience were actually non-existent.

My take here is if Mediacorp is producing the event for the TV audience (nothing wrong with that) WHY DO YOU MAKE US PAY ? ? ? IF YOU MAKE US PAY, THEN DELIVER US VALUE.

And when the ticket sales were low, all Mediacorp did was lament about poor ticket sales, no wonder you got poor ticket sales, I think they got a bunch of marketeers who does not know how to market and worst of all, you can't even deliver. Even I a marketing dummy would have scramble for a last minute solution e.g. 3 days to the event, I would have announce and all $18 ticket holders are allowed to bring one extra person, so 1 $18 ticket enters 2 people. I am sure immediately it would have filled 65% to 70% of the seats compared to the 40%. Furthermore, others on the side would not mind paying $18 per couple to go in at the gate. Nooo... No No, how can they do that right, no wonder you guys can't sell your tickets. You not only didn't think out of the box, you got stuck to your tiny corner of your box, your box office.

Well, maybe that is why I am not Mediacorp and I am not a marketeer. I don't understand these people and their mentality. Hmmm ... maybe if I think like them ... even if I am half a Mediacorp, not bad eh ...

Now for what I like: the fireworks. The fireworks is like the saving grace for the whole event. Even my 75 year old mother, who could not understand a thing they say on stage enjoyed the fireworks. She commented that watching the fireworks live was indeed a very difference experience from watching it at home.

The next thing I want to lambast at is the crowd control, it is totally unacceptable. From the human walking crowd to the block car park exits. I know, you gave all the warnings about driving there and advice to use public transport. Fellas, go get a life, this is Singapore. People who own cars didn't pay COE & road tax to leave it at home. Wake up. I can understand the safety concerns to close off certain roads for the safety of the human walking crowd, but my gosh!, please use some brains. Whoever planned the whole control thingy, must have never been in a crowd and has totally no understanding of crowd dynamics. As for the cars stuck in the car park, I sat in the car park lot for 15 minutes, the cars along the exit path never moved an inch. That was the time, I told my family of 8 that we should get off and find a place to sit out the jam.

We found Carls Jr open (pass midnight) kudos to the company, I will surely return, one other joint was open, but I can't remember its name, sorry. 7Eleven was as usual 24x7, jammed with the crowd needing a drink while waiting in an endless queue for taxis - how does the taxis get in with the massive jam? So it is a vicious cycle. The brainless planners did not cater to the car traffic, so the crowd can't get out of the place.

Businesses lament about the bad time, the economic slowdown, the this, the that - Well I say YOU ASK FOR IT. There was easily > 20,000 strong crowd stuck in Marina Bay at 12:30 am on New Year's Day. Even a Fruit Juice kiosk knows how to ring in the New Year by keeping their kiosk and cash register open pass 1:00 am. Carls Jr. was great. What happen to all the rest? Well they all went home to catch the Mediacorp New Year program and fireworks on their home TV. And they say business is bad and they have to cut this and cut that.

So, I guess I am the dummy who paid for 8 tickets to get myself stuck in Marina Bay on the last few hours of 2008 and the first couple of wee hours of 2009 New Year's Day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MEDIACORP FOR STARTING MY 2009 WITH A POOF.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm now at the MPS Masterclass by Jo Han. Vincent is helping everyone with simple web page editing using NVU editor. It looks simple enough for everyone to use. Try it if you want, just google for NVU.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ok, I'm all ready for the MPS Masterclass tomorrow at Kaplan Financial. I've actually had my PayPal account for a few years, I remembered the first blog I set up was for my hobby club; the Marine Parade Radio Control Modelers Club.

The club is a sub activity group with the Marine Parade Community Club, under the purview of the People's Association (PA). The reason for the blog was because in those days, PA had a 10 page guideline for all websites. I took one look at it and pass it on back to the office and decided not to built a web site. So the blog, as it states at the top is the UNOFFICIAL web site of the club. My first blog post was in 2006 August 10, Wow! never really bother to check, now that I see it, it was indeed quite a while ago. Thereafter, being the Chairman of the club and the only one who would bother, I simply write what I want. I also recorded the various overseas events for which I was invited as the event Referee. The first was to the Asian Championship in Malang Indonesia. Subsequently, in a similar capacity, I attended events at Jakarta, Taichung, Pattaya, Ichirino & most recently Kuala Lumpur. The highest traffic was recorded when I reported on the iFMAR World Championship in Ancol Jakarta. I used various Web 2.0 photo sharing sites to host the photographs I took on my trips and videos were uploaded onto Youtube. I manage to get viewers embeded into the blog for Flickr and Webshots. Youtube is a breeze, they gave the embed codes, I simply modify the sizes to suit my blog template. On hindsight, one thing I would have done, if I were to do the site again, I would first set up a membership list. I would have easily amassed thousands of members by now for this blog on my hobby.

Ok, that would be enough of history. Since January 2008, I've retired from my Chairman post from the club. I decided that it is time to get serious with what I know on the internet and stop monkeying around.

Tomorrow this monkey is going to put everything I know into some real use. I trust that the MPS Masterclass is going to blow me away. ha ha ha ... Ahem ... ok ok, my jokes doesn't get any better, so I'll stop here tonight.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanks to Andrew Boey's guidance and prompting, I've now got my GoDaddy domain setup done, got my HostGator account working. In preparing for Jo Han's class this weekend; I've managed to re-confirmed my account details in Paypal & ClickBank. And completed my registration at PayDotCom - the site kept upselling during registrations with pretty attractive offers, I called up Jo Han's enquiry number and was told that I don't need any of those upsell items, so I got through the process soon thereafter. Andrew reminded me about Adsense, so I have done that up.

So, I am here to share my experience if you need to chat with someone regarding the following:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alright, got my hostgator done. But I'm too tired today to do anything further, so I simply copied my page at and pasted it into the root directory of my hostgator account as index.html. And Viola!, page is up. Okay now I need to sleep, still got a job to do tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It was great to meet up with like minded partners at Funan MacDonalds yesterday morning. Andrew Boey help us set up a plan and gave us some starting tips on what to do first. We registered as a member to his website.

Now I've got my domain name selected and would be setting up a hosting site.

I'll share more once the above two is completed.

I don't think likes me to redirect this blog over to my new site, but I'll see what I can do to put up a link and continue from there.

In the afternoon, I was a volunteer at the South East CDC's MoneyWise program at Simei Community Club. I hosted 2 needy families to a MoneyWise board game. It was rather fun, the two families were very proactive and both feedback that it was a good hour of fun at the game.

At the event I met Ms Belinda Koh and Hoong Yip, I met them previously at the SECDC Office during our MoneyWise training a week ago. Both are from YMCA and Hoong Yip is looking for students who need to projects for their Community Immersion Program while Belinda is from the Childcare & Development Centre; she is looking for teachers and assistants for her Sims Branch in Geylang. I promise to help them pass on the requests to my connections. If you are reading this and can help, let me know.